Engage Visually aim is to work with people in visually creative and engaging ways.

Our work is as wide as the potential needs of our clients and of our combined imaginations. We work with you to unwrap in visual ways the many; How, What, Where, When, Why, Who questions you are tackling.

Graphic Recorder

As Engage Visually has and continues to evolve, we apply and create visual thinking approaches, particularly graphic facilitation, and graphic recording, to the diversity of situations. Through these approaches, we continue to collaborate with our clients to find creative visual solutions for projects, events, and communications. There is rarely a standard request, it can be communicating a vision to creating a vision, from engaging an audience at a large event to facilitating a meeting or a process.

Graphic facilitator
Engage Visually was set up and is run by Debbie Roberts. Debbie works as a graphic recorder and a graphic facilitator and blends both approaches. 

Debbie works with organisations large and small, is based in the UK, and travels pretty widely (though of course not currently!).

Debbie studied psychology and brain biology before and during the early part of her working journey. Alongside this, for pleasure, she drew, took photographs, and immersed herself in visual arts. She worked in mental health and wellbeing in both the not-for-profit and public sectors. The work focused on empowerment, community action, and leadership. During this time, Debbie became skilled at leading projects, hosting and facilitating conversations, as well as developing purposeful drawing and doodling. She learned more about graphic facilitation and meaningful doodling over time and threaded this into her facilitation through mapping of conversations and processes with groups. The incredible effectiveness of using visuals became clearer and clearer.

Debbie began as a dedicated graphic facilitator, a visual practitioner, in 2009 and founded Engage Visually in 2012.

At Engage Visually, we are proud to have worked with many incredible people and organisations, amongst them; Federation of European Neuroscientists (FENS), Kings College London, Cambridge University, Cambridge Neuroscience, IIEP UNESCO, NHS England, and many NHS Trusts and Universities.

Debbie continues to develop skills and knowledge as she works on different projects, projects with topics of; health, social care, biology and brains, education, environment, transport, and technology.

Her work is driven by a belief in social and environmental justice, and empowerment and wellbeing for all. Sharing and growing knowledge, she believes, is central to all of these aims. “We have great potential to create solutions together, harness our strengths, and to thrive.”

Debbie has just one pair of hands and so when the task calls for the need for more hands we have a team of trusted and talented associates, both graphic facilitators, graphic recorders, and those who blend the practices, our associates add to our capacity and creativity for work being planned.

We believe working with a visual practitioner or graphic facilitator can support, add depth, creativity, and engagement to many many processes.

This is a short summary of Engage Visually but we hope it explains some of the how and why of what we believe visual practices can bring, the potential to add value and create exciting solutions to your projects, meetings, and conferences.

As a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, Debbie is passionate about actively sharing and growing great practice, finding solutions to new and old issues, and being part of keeping creativity at the center when bringing people together to solve problems, discuss issues, create ideas and everything in-between and beyond.