Engage Visually is run by Debbie Roberts whose work as a graphic facilitator & graphic recorder (visual practitioner) brings together years of experience of working with individuals and groups

graphically facilitatingDebbie had worked with individuals, groups and organisations on a wide range of projects, events and conferences small and large and the value in achieving great effectiveness, interaction and inclusion seemed obvious. At Engage Visually we focus on the differences between interactive, inspirational and productive projects and events and those that have important content but are poorly delivered, lack focus and are generally disengaging.  We create and apply visual thinking methods, particularly graphic facilitation and graphic recording, to work with people and organisations to bring different visual aspects that can help support great work.

In our view great work comes about when we create the right environment for people to think, develop ideas and explore issues together whatever the task in hand.

We also believe we don’t have time to waste, we dislike waste in its many forms, and the waste of human time and potential is our absolute nemesis.  By using visual methods a visual practitioners or graphic facilitator tackles the waste of human time by supporting improvements in a range of ways, for example; creating greater clarity of ideas and content, joining up and connecting content, adding vibrancy and engagement, increasing the after life of conversations beyond the room and supporting the focus on outcomes, actions, consensus and inclusion.

This is a short summary of Engage Visually but we hope it explains some of the how and why we believe visual thinking services including graphic facilitation and graphic recording can bring exciting solutions to projects, meetings and conferences. Debbie has just one pair of hands so when the task calls for more than one pair of hands we have a team of trusted and talented associates who add to our capacity for work being planned.

graphic facilitation Graphic Recording Graphic facilitator graphic recorder

As a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Debbie is passionate about actively sharing and growing best practice, finding solutions to new and old issues and being part of keeping creativity at the centre when bringing people together to solve problems, discuss issues, create ideas and everything in-between and beyond.


For more details about Debbie’s experience why not drop in on her Linkedin profile 🙂