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We draw (excuse the pun) on a wide range of tools, skills and experiences to support our work so that it is engaging and targeted to a given situation. Here at Engage Visually we tend to use ‘graphic facilitation’ to describe the work we do. Below is a brief explanation aimed to unpack a little of the potentials and parts of the practice.

Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording are two terms used to describe the breadth of the work and whilst they can be used independently they can also be used in combination alongside each other as the need requires.

Graphic Facilitation A Graphic Facilitator focuses on creating visually interactive ways for people to hold their conversations and thinking. The Graphic Facilitator will work with the meeting or event owner to gather a brief and then to design and facilitate the meeting or event.

Graphic Recording A Graphic Recorder focuses on live event visual recording. visually capturing the flow of ideas, concepts, content and comments from discussions or presentations live whilst they are happening. A Graphic Recording is usually captured on giant-scale paper/wall displays creating a dynamic and visual record of the event.

Graphic recording is also known by a whole range of other names including; Live Event Illustration, Graphic Reporting, Live Scribing, Conference Illustration, Event Capture, Visual Minutes, Visual Maps amongst other terms.- we genuinely don’t mind the terms you use as this is a live, emerging and changing field of work 🙂

Digital graphic recording this is Graphic Recording created digitally. The live event is captured by hand with a digital drawing tool and the graphic Record can be projected live on screens at events/meeting etc as it unfolds. Digital graphic recording is also be used for virtual meetings and events.

Bespoke visuals that help tell a specific story (a strategy, a plan, a vision).

Animations Hand drawn bespoke visuals and then bringing it to animated life.

Workshops and Training; Graphic Facilitation and/or Graphic Recording training and Sketch noting workshops for people and organisations to develop their own use of visual thinking and tools.=

Almost every great piece of work has a unique need and that is why where possible we really like to get started with a great conversation.

We are UK based and work globally.

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TEST-IoW.thumb       150903 NHS EXPO15 Patient Online.Graphic Record FlNAL JPEG twitter V.02        150917. IIEP.UNESCO. Road to education. Graphic Record.Room

1.Sout London CLARCH.thumb       141006-LIAISON-and-DIVERSION.FINAL        150626 SISTEMA YOUTH FORUM under 500H.

                150306 ANGLIAN WATER. A new direction for highways. Graphic Record. Small        140429.MAP-New-slide.-thumb.sfw       gallery-01

Engage Visually also has a Flickr Page where more of the visual work can be seen