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Our approach uses visual thinking and visual thinking methods, mainly Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording, to support people coming together to plan, assess, create and do.

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Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording

Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording are two core tools in our repertoire of visual ways of working. We work with you to get a clear briefing about your meeting, event, or process and then design alongside you the most effective way to use our involvement.

When Graphic Facilitating we create visual ways for people to hold their conversations and thinking.

When Graphic Recording the focus is on creating a live visual record of what is happening. The Graphic Record is created by hand on paper or using a digital device and people can see this graphic record unfold in real-time.  Graphic Recording may also be known by a host of other names or terms, here is a few of them; Live Event Illustration, Graphic Reporting, Live Scribing, Conference Illustration, Event Capture, Visual Minutes, Visual Maps, and the list continues to grow.

Whilst Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording are different they can also be complementary, they can be used independently or blended together, the diagram below (a work in progress) aims to illustrate some of the potentials that can exist between the two. 

Pendulum Model - Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation

By levering the skills and knowledge from the two ends of the swing of the pendulum an endless array of potentials can be created. 


You can click on the picture below to go to Engage Visually’s Flickr Pages where more of the visual work can be seen;


Creating a GIF whilst work was in progress while creating a graphic record for Bromley College of their Values strategy




Engage Visually is UK based and works globally. We love the work we have been involved with. If you wonder if Engage Visually is a good fit for your work please do get in touch and we can start a great conversation.



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