The Value of Graphic Facilitation

“The value of graphic facilitation – or doodling, or graphic recording, or even organizing thoughts on sticky notes – is not necessarily in the perceived quality or beauty of the visual artifact. Rather, the value comes from the process behind the product: the graphic facilitator’s ability to listen to the conversation, see the bigger picture and how the group feels about that bigger picture, distill all that information down into its core content, and mirror that back to the group in real time while the conversation continues to unfold.

It provides clarity and insight in-the-moment during difficult conversations. It keeps teams on track and moving toward their desired outcomes. It allows ideas to be shared in memorable and effective ways. And it allows team members to see themselves as part of that bigger picture…which means they feel more vested in the outcome. Ultimately, that allows teams to achieve massive results in less time. Results like completing over 90% of the organization’s annual plan in just seven months. Or moving up the timetable for corporate expansion by four years. Or being able to simply draw out your business idea on the back of a napkin for a prospective investor and land those much-needed startup funds.

There is power behind these seemingly simple processes.”
Jeannel King, April 2012
President, International Forum of Visual Practitioners
Graphic Facilitator and Stick Figure Strategist, Big Picture Solutions