Visual Thinking -NHS England Liaison & Diversion Operating Model

The NHS England Liaison & Diversion Operating Model aims to meet the needs of people coming into contact with the criminal justice system. This model is being piloted across the country with the intention to enable people to get the support they need. It doesn’t give people a get out of jail free card but it does aim to ensure that underlying needs and rights are met and to provide people with an equal chance of avoiding the criminal justice system or being supported fully once they are in it.

Revolving Doors Agency asked for a visual representation of the Model to use as a discussion tool with people so they could explore where it is working, where it doesn’t, what is missing and peoples experience of the various parts.

Visual thinking is being used increasingly in health and social care, in education and in business to support conversations, to join up the dots and to make the bigger picture more visible to more people.